100 Collocations for IELTS Speaking & Writing by Mat Clark


Today I will share with you 100 useful collocations used by Mat Clark. You can make use of this document to improve your vocabulary for IELTS and self-study IELTS at home. 

Do you know which words should be used together with absorb? Do you know which words can combine with relieve in a sentence? Do you wonder whether you can BAN be used with  Advertising, Book, Drug, Practice, Weapon? You can find out the answers from this material.  

In the IELTS Writing module, you can achieve higher score by improving your Lexical Resource. Usually when you read band 9.0 sample essays,  you will recognize that they contains a lot of collocations, and used in a natural and native way. Therefore when writing at home, we should practice to use these collocations instead of simple common words / expressions.



Collocation by Mark Clark


100 Collocations for IELTS Speaking & Writing by Mat Clark
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