101 Model Answers for Part 1 of the IELTS Speaking Module (Ebook)



Many candidates like to read model answers when they arc preparing for the IELTS speaking and writing modules. This book provides one model answer for each of the following 101 part 1 topics that have appeared in the IELTS speaking module.

The model answers arc intended as a guide and candidates should modify the answers to suit their own circumstances and add to them wherever appropriate. In other words, candidates should consider using the vocabulary and grammatical structures in this book to help them to create their own answers.
The Table of Contents provides the first letter of the various topics so that candidates can easily find those topics that interest them.


About the author

Mark Griffiths began teaching English in 1990 and has worked mainly in the Czech Republic and China. He first qualified as an IELTS examiner in 2001 and has had several IELTS books published in China.
The English 101 Series will be a range of about 20 books to be published in the first half of 2013. Some of these books will be specific to IELTS whereas others will be of use to all people studying English as a foreign language.

Sample Unit

Home town
What would you like to charge about your home town?
I would like live re to be better sports facilities in my home town. At the moment there are some sports facilities, but they are old and often do not cater for younger people who prefer different sports to those that were popular in the past, such as basketball and tennis. It would certainly be expensive to construct the new facilities, but I think that the investment would be worth it as people would participate more often in sport and the construction would create some jobs.

What industries are there in your country?
There are several important manufacturing industries in my country. The biggest are car manufacturing, electronics, clothes and textiles, and heavy machinery. Together, these industries employ about half the working population and make up most of our national exports. In recent years, live re lias been more competition from abroad, but the companies have improved their efficiency to deal with this.

How many wedding have you been to?
I have only been to two weddings in my life. The first was when I was a teenager. I remember being very bored. The second was when a friend from school got married. That wedding was much more fun. I didn’t get drunk, but I drank most of the day and ate a lot of delicious food. I met some really
nice people I had never met before as well as some old friends.

What do you find difficult about writing in English?
I always worry about making too many grammar mistakes when I write in English. I know that my English grammar will never be perfect, but too many mistakes – especially basic ones – can create a very bad impression on the reader. I almost always reread my writing to check for mistakes. If it is
especially important. I do this twice or ask someone else to check it too.

Which is your favourite part of the weekend?
My favourite part of the weekend is Saturday evening. On Friday evenings. 1 am often too tired to go out with my friends to a bar. but by Saturday evening I am refreshed. There’s no work on Sunday, so I can stay out very late. I generally spend Saturday evenings with my friends. There are a few bars we enjoy going to. Sometimes we meet for a meal beforehand.


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101 Model Answers for Part 1 of the IELTS Speaking Module (Ebook)
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