Useful Tips, Strategies and Practice Test for IELTS General Training Writing Task 2 (Part 1) and strategies for ielts general training task 2

Writing Tips/Strategies for IELTS Writing Task 2  (General Training Module)

For Task 2 you must write a short essay, similar to the kind of task you might have to do for a teacher as part of a class assignment. The minimum number of words is 250.

As with Task 1, when the IELTS marker reads your essay, he or she will have three main questions in mind.

  • Does the essay do what the question asks? (Is the content relevant?)
  • Is the essay written in a well-organised, logical way?
  • Is the language accurate and correct?

Many students concentrate on the third point, language, and neglect content and organisation. To make sure that the content and organisation of your essay are satisfactory, you must spend a few minutes thinking about and planning your essay before you start to write. You will also be able to write your essay more quickly because you already know what you want to
write about.

The strategy for Task 2 is the same as for Task 1.

Step 1 Analyse the question
Step 2 Make notes of ideas which could be useful
Step 3 Make a plan
Step 4 Write the letter or essay
Step 5 Check for mistakes

Step 1—Analyse the question
What is my audience?
Task 2 questions are usually said to be ‘as part of a class assignment’. You should write the essay as though it was for a teacher.
What is the topic?
The key words in the first part of the question have been underlined below:

Television is now widespread m all communities. Almost everyone has access to this medium on a daily basis. However, the effects of television ore not always positive.

The subject of the first two sentences is the general topic of television. This topic is limited or narrowed in the third sentence which specifies the ‘effects’ of television, in particular the negative effects (‘are not always positive’ means are sometimes negative).
What is your purpose/task in writing?
The key words of the rest of the question are underlined below:

What are some of the nemtive effects of television? What can be done to minimise these bad effects ?
Give reasons for your answer.

Note that there are actually two questions or tasks in the one activity:
♦ to give some of the possible negative effects of television
♦ to explain how to prevent or limit these negative effects

Step 2—Make notes of ideas
The following is an example of the kind of notes you might write at this stage. The sample notes are written in the box. To the right is a brief explanation of what these notes mean.


General IELTS Writing Task 2

Step 3—Make a Plan
Decide which of the ideas will definitely be used in your essay. Organise these ideas logically.

In the box below right is a sample plan written on the basis of these notes. Not all of the ideas have been used in the plan. Related points are grouped together into paragraphs (marked with black dots).

General IELTS Writing Task 2

Step 4—Write the essay
Follow the plan.

Step 5—Check for mistakes


General IELTS Writing Task 2

General IELTS Writing Task 2

General IELTS Writing Task 2


Check out the next page (Page 2) for Analysis and Practice Part.

Useful Tips, Strategies and Practice Test for IELTS General Training Writing Task 2 (Part 1)
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