Common mistakes in IELTS: Exercises Part 6

Exercise 89: Fill each blank with the correct word as or like

1. Act ______ a gentleman!

2. He does ________ he pleases.

3. She behaved ________ a baby.

4. She looks _______ her mother.

5. Do _______ he does.

6. Play the game _________ she does.

7. He dances ________ Fred Astaire.

8. You walk ________ she does.

9. He acted just ________ the rest.

10. He speaks _______ an Englishman.

Exercise 90: Fill each blank with the correct word no or not

1. I have _______ time to play.

2. She has ________ a good memory.

3. He had _______ reason to be angry.

4. There is ________ enough furniture in this room.

5. Your plan is ________ different from mine.

6. I had ________ patience with him.

7. There were _________ fewer than a thousand people.

8. There is ________ furniture in this room

9. She has ________ enough money.

10. I want ________ more, thank you.

Exercise 91: Fill in the blanks with the correct word died or dead

1. Her grandfather is _________.

2. She ________ of old age.

3. The ________ leaves fell from the trees.

4. Her aunt is __________ she ________ many years ago.

5. The soldier __________ for his country.

6. The __________ horse is lying in the field.

7. They ________ a cruel death.

8. The flowers have ________.

9. The soldier _________ from his wounds.

10. Dinosaurs ________ out millions of years ago.

Exercise 92: Fill each blank with the correct word it’s or its

1. The bird has broken ________ wing.

2. I fear ________ going to rain.

3.  ________ almost nine o’clock.

4. I think ________ yours.

5. The tree will soon lose _______ leaves.

6. _______ time to go home.

7. Every river has ________ source.

8. _______ a long time until Christmas.

9. An animal will often die for ______ young.

10. _______ too late to go now.

Exercise 93: Fill each blank with the correct words good or well

1. Mary did her work _________.

2. She speaks ________ English.

3. I did  _______ in the exam.

4. She looks ________ today.

5. It’s ________ to be with friends.

6. He did ________ work.

7. She didn’t seem __________.

8. Has he done _______ in his training?

9. I’m quite _______.

10. She speaks very ________.

Exercise 94: Fill each blank with the correct word past or passed

1. The _______ month was wet.

2. He _______ his exam.

3. The ball _______ between the goal posts.

4. The bullet whistled ________ my ear.

5. Several months have ________ since he left.

6. Forget the ________.

7. The plane flew _________.

8. It’s half _______ eight.

9. She ______ the salt to the guest.

10. The door was open when I walked _________.

Exercise 95: Rewrite these sentences choosing the correct word in brackets

1. This thing (is, does) not worth more than five pounds.

2. (After, then) he shut the door and went to bed.

3. He (is, does) not able to speak English correctly.

4. Don’t be (fool, foolish).

5. He’s a (fool, foolish).

6. Flowers smell (sweet, sweetly).

7. She’s so proud that she doesn’t (and, even) greet her friends.

8. The mother (weighed, weighted) her baby.

9. I want to learn (and) other languages (foo).

10. Is it (truth, true)?

                         GENERAL EXERCISE

• The numbers in the brackets refer to the sections in which the mistakes are explained.

Correct whatever is wrong in the following:

1. Why you arc studying the English?

2. John reads good, isn’t it?

3. Why you not say the truth?

4. Will I go at the post-office?

5. How to make this problem, sir?

6. Is she more better than me?

7. I’ve written him last week.

8. I past my time too well to the hotel.

9. Let me to try to do this and me.

10. I have never seen a so good film.

11. He’s not ate nothing these two days.

12. When I sleep 1 take out my shoes.

13. He didn’t obeyed to their advices.

14. She’s going each morning to the school.

15. He works in the office since five years.

16. How you are going with your piano lessons?

17. Can you to come for dinner today evening?

18. My brother he’s found in the first class.

19. It does not worth to say lies about it.

20. I made all which I could for helping him.

21. It’s two years now since she left front England.

22. Please return back to shut the light.

23. Avoid to make these sort of mistakes.

24. Myself and my sister will not be present.

25. He got down from his bicycle and spoke me.

26. Me travelled with the train from the Alexandria.

27. She wouldn’t take fewer than hundred pounds.

28. The two first pages of my book has been lost.

29. The knife was laying on the table where I lay it.

30. That punishment will learn him to do not do it again.

31. You neither work at school or at your house.

32. I can’t understand because he don’t speak dear.

33. The man which you saw him yesterday is very rich.

34. She said that she’s never net gone at London.

35. I think to go to home for to spend the holidays.

36. The office is open on the morning at Saturday.

37. It’s two years since I began to study the English.

38. She told that she was at England before three years.

39. He was angry at me because I said him he has wrong.

40. When I went to home I found that the money was disappeared.

41. He said to me that he is not satisfied from his teacher.

42. She told that she can’t remember nothing about it.

43. I and he intend to leave to England after two weeks.

44. I am knowing the answer but cannot say it in the English.

45. I rang two times, but I could not make no one to hear.

46. They bought a new house when the baby was born which it cost all their savings.

47. When he will return back, I shall say him everything.

48. I am much pleased to inform you that I haw reached to this station yesterday.

49. The British Isles are consisted from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

50. The English is not only difficult to write it, but also to speak it.

Common mistakes in IELTS: Exercises Part 6
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